Sunday, October 28, 2012

alienviews: Don't...

Alfred Lehmberg's latest, on his blog alien views:

alienviews: Don't...: But our contentious skeptibunkies, braying, scorning—mocking flunkies... These will hoot, pronounce soft *phacts*, and from the truth, you bet, detract. All, I think, to keep you working, making babies, crying—hurting... ...Still, they're REAL and would upset the "apple cart" ill *owned*, as yet.
Yes, we'd have the truth; condone it! We've paid for it in blood. We own it! Were not served, in fact ill-served, to be denied the truths observed. Had we some "truth," we'd, then, build true... avoid those pitfalls as construed, avoid perhaps, the forecast "planned..." ...we'd have FOUNDATION, understand?!
Sceptic! Don't pretend, at all, concern; you will come to live and learn—at issue is the profiteering you enjoy while proudly sneering!
Don't think that you provide a service. Don't think that you provide for "calm"—be nervous! Don't pretend that fear's deterred in blandishments you purr—absurd!

As always, right on Alfred!

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Terry the Censor said...

> We've paid for it in blood.

The usual verse! Freshens things up a bit. And it shows a sense of humour.