Tuesday, October 30, 2012

KathleenMarden:'Results of Abductee Study' and The Abduction Question

Marden's site: KathleenMardenUFO results of study here. Kathleen Marden is Betty Hill's niece and co-author, with Stanton Friedman, of Captured! The Betty and Barney Hill UFO Experience. I was fortuante enough to see both Friedman and Marden speak at the McMinnville UFO Festival a couple of years ago. (I even was lucky enough to interview Mr. Friedman. Who, I'm sure, thought I was a bit of a ditz, since I was old school and used only a notebook; no tape, recorder, etc. just me and my pen. But he was extremely polite and too much a gentleman and professional to let on.)
Nearly a year ago, Denise Stoner and I met to discuss the commonalities that alien abduction experiencers share. As longtime abduction investigators/researchers, we were aware of certain repeating patterns of information and characteristics. The pertinent literature, the academic social science studies and the works of David Jacobs, PhD, Thomas Bullard, PhD, Yvonne Smith, and the late Budd Hopkins, John Mack, MD, and others had identified several commonalities among abduction experiencers. But we had not been able to locate an academic study that was specific to our particular interests.

I was born in 1954, and so of course found this greatly interesting:
We were interested in identifying possible trends among age groups, partly due to the fact that a significant number of abduction experiencers in the 50+ age group had reported their experiences to us within recent months. Our intuition was correct. 44% of the AE Group participants were born in the 1950’s, although only 20% of the NAE Group was in the same age group. This figure drops dramatically for those born in the 1940’s (18%) and the 1960’s (26%).

The study contributes important data to be sure. What it all means and how it all gets interpreted; that's to be seen of course.

I've never felt I could be honest and participate in studies like this, because the question is always presented with the assumption the respondent knows they've been abducted. I don't know any such thing. However, at least two episodes of missing time connected to UFO sightings, vivid dreams involving aliens and UFOs, a life time of consciously remembered UFO and alien sightings and interactions, karmic, shared, and parallel UFO related experiences regards my spouse, all point to a huge "We have no flippin' idea what abductions are; if they're literal physical events or what, but it does seem awfully and enormously significant, doesn't it?" question.

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