Sunday, October 14, 2012

UFOs, et al: ECETI Ranch UFOs Ignored

UFOs, et al: For seasoned UFO watchers, happenings at the ECETI Ranch in Washington State are nothing new, but we were directed by the Sky Brothers on September 30, 2012 to feature it on this website. Why? Because so much positive out-of-this-world activity happens there and it’s being squelched by the media and drowned out by coverage of grey aliens and the dark side of UFO phenomena.
I haven't (yet) been to the ECETI Ranch, but I know people who have been there. Amazing things are seen there, indeed. I can't comment to any direct experience of course. But I find the above statement interesting in terms of dichotomy. Whatever, whoever, aliens are, one thing seems pretty obvious: there's more than one type. And the dark side exists, like it or not. I have known many people involved with UFOs who reject any discussion of this so-called "dark side" of the phenomena. I don't deny anyone's experience, or interpretation, but I find it frustrating when I come across such naive responses.

It is fascinating what's happening at the ranch, and, the fact that government agencies are involved, various news media have been out there and yet, the MSM continues to ignore the events happening there. On the other hand, shouldn't be too surprised. And while the general culture indulges in the negative, regardless of topic, it's our human failing. Ignoring it exists is also a failing. Somewhere there's a balance. That can only happen when we're completely honest to what's going on; good, bad, indifferent. 

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