Sunday, November 18, 2012

LIZARD PEOPLE IN PORTUGAL – An Invasive Mind Scan Carried Out by Reptilians — World Mysteries Blog

(with thanks to @anomalist on Twitter for link.)Ken Bakeman on Reptilian abduction techniques, including orange orbs. LIZARD PEOPLE IN PORTUGAL – An Invasive Mind Scan Carried Out by Reptilians — World Mysteries Blog.

About those orbs:
2. Orbs of bright light, commonly of a orange color.

Orbs, or glowing spheres of different colors, were a feature in several of my encounters with Reptilians. (See here for a partial discussion of this.) These orbs are not by any means limited to use by the Reptilians. Based on what I have witnessed and personally been through over a span of some forty-plus years they are a standard vehicle utilized by a wide range of beings and entities who have commerce with the fauna, including of course humans, living on the terrestrial hardscape. It seems, based on what I’ve been able to determine from my various experiences, that these energetic orbs facilitate a translation back and forth between a physical form and, for lack of better terms, an etherial composition. If it can be summarized, I think that orbs are a means by which consciousness can be concentrated and positioned as desired or needed. In many cases the orbs as seen from outside were either a pearly-white color or, as in a NDE I went through in Germany, the orb was perfectly clear with an astonishing crystal city inside of it. In the case of Reptilians who were instigating malicious abduction events I’ve had situations where a blinding, bright orange orb was positioned directly in front of me, coinciding with the extremely loud siren sound and headache techniques discussed as follows.

I love a good Reptilian story! And no, I'm not being flip, I really do. What's behind all that, I have no idea. Not having experienced anything related to Reptilians, not for me to say. As to the orbs, "my" orb experience involved an intelligently controlled, or, sentient itself, orange orb. No loud sounds however,though, there was missing time, telepathic communications and terrifying dreams, among other happenings.

Whatever one makes of stories like Bakeman's, it's most definitely a UFO-Fortean's kind of story.

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