Wednesday, December 26, 2012

From Elsie Conner: Alien Abduction Does Not Happen in a Vacuum

Thanks to The Anomalist for this link to Elsie Conner's Out of Darkness blog. Wow. An excerpt from her current post Alien Abduction Does Not Happen in a Vacuum:
Out Of Darkness: When I was very young, my father worked the night shift in town which was many miles away. A very strange thing would occur on some nights. My mother would hear voices outside of the house. She said it sounded like several voices which would get closer and louder. Here we were a mom and two little kids alone in the country with nobody around and she hears people outside the house. It scared her so much she called the police. This is a huge event. To be scared so much to actually call the police. The police came and searched the area but they could not find anything. The only explanation the cops could come up with is that perhaps some people were having a party some ways away and somehow their voices carried just right to make it seem like it was happening right outside the house. The voices would return several times but my mom only called the police the one time. There was no explanation for those events.

And then, there's this, on the "presence." No way of knowing if my own experiences (experienced by others as well) were of the same cause, but Conner's description of what her and her mother experienced sounds chillingly similar:
She knew “they” were in the room. She could sense their presence and this would occur many times over the years. But this was more than a feeling of a presence. These alien Beings have the ability to camouflage themselves so they can’t be seen but they sure can be felt. An abduuctee can feel their presence. It is a very particular sensation.

Sometimes when we read encounters that have happened to others, a visceral "click" happens, a gut feeling to be sure that really wallops you, that has with it the undeniable message of "See? See now? Get it? Remember? It's not just all in your head . . . "

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