Friday, December 14, 2012

Parallel Sibling History

My husband and I have many parallel experiences, many connected to UFO and paranormal events. I've written many times about these experiences: shared images, dreams, UFO related encounters, etc. We even lived a few blocks from each other when we were young, before we ever met each other.

And even though we've been married over thirty years, it's surprising, sometimes, when we realize we don't everything about each other. I forget what the context was -- how it came up -- but I mentioned his mother's (since passed) TB. When Jim was a very young child, his mother underwent several painful treatments for TB, including a stay in a TB sanitarium. At that, Jim told me his mother's sister -- who would had been his aunt -- had died when his mother and her sister were children. Her name was "Violeta."

"Are you kidding me?!" I said. I then told him that my father's (also passed) sister died when they were children, and her name was also "Violetta." Now, their names weren't really Violetta -- I'm not disclosing the real name. But their names were both unusual names, and so it is quite a coincidence (really, synchronicity!) that both sisters had that same unusual name. (Also, my father was about 20 years younger than my Jim's mother, who had Jim late in life.)

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