Friday, December 21, 2012

Simple Farm Folk vs. The City Slickers

Random thought on the Trent silliness. Actually, this comes from Jim, who said, upon reading Bragalia's article: "Wouldn't it be the other way around --- sophisticated city folk pulling one over on those dumb ol' farm folk?" This in context of Bragalia's speculation that Paul Trent, bewitched by the magic of a new fangled thing called a camera, and bored as well, hoaxed the iconic photos: "“Fun” during those times, in that kind of place, may have encompassed playing around with a new camera, wanting to outwit the city folks, involve the family in some UFO entertainment..."

A reversal on the stereotype of the dumb rural hick who sees little green men and flying saucers, while the urban dwellers aren't so easily fooled by such nonsense.

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