Saturday, January 26, 2013

Damn, Missed It!

Today, waiting for the tank to fill. Overheard the following from two attendants:

"What's that up there, I've never seen anything like that before." 
 "Yeah, either have I. Probably a UFO."
"Yep, guess so. Hmmm."

Of course, I'm straining to see but I'm in the car and inside a covered area. (If you're wondering why I'm in the car at the gas station it's because in Oregon, it's illegal to pump your own gas.)

So, whatever it was up there in the Oregon sky, I missed it.
I could have parked, and gotten out to look up. But frankly, traffic was getting to me and I just wanted to get home. People are nuts in parking lots. (Gas station is in a large parking lot adjacent to a mini mall.) But that's another story.

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