Monday, January 14, 2013

Dogs: The Latest in High Tech Para-tainment

My new Trickster's Realm column is up at Tim Binnall's glorious site: Animals react to the strange in their own eerie ways. UFO lore, ghost tales and Bigfoot stories are full of examples of how their animals, mainly dogs, reacted to "something." Something usually unseen by the human witness. Barking wildly at something out there. Or, cowering under the bed. Cats hiss and flee, sometimes the family dog takes off and is never seen again. Sometimes their bodies are found; tragic demise; from Sasquatch?

Dogs, cats and other animals alert us to something...something alien, something ghostly, something definitely weird. We watch and listen to the animals, waiting, wanting, hoping to see what they see. Often times we never do see what it is they're reacting to. We just know they are. We too often sense something is wrong, something is there, and heed the animals in our lives, listening to their anomalous responses to this ... something.


Terry the Censor said...

> Animals react to the strange in their own eerie ways.

The "testimony" of the dog is amusing in the Hill abduction case.

In Walter Webb's first report, dated October 26 1961, we find this line: "The dog did not appear to be alarmed at any time during the whole sighting."

But in Interrupted Journey, Delsey the dog provides *ahem* corroboration and suspense:

"The object would disappear behind trees, or a mountain top, then reappear again as the obstruction was cleared. Delsey, the dog, was beginning to get slightly restless...” (p 6)

“Beside them, the dachshund was whining and cowering.” (P 12)

Why the discrepancy? The Hills “had forgotten to tell Webb about several instances of Delsey's odd behavior...” (p 37)

Or John Fuller just knows how to tell a good story.

Regan Lee said...

Terry on this one I think you're just venting your overall bemusement on the Hill case.

It's been some years since I've read Fuller's book, but from your quotes, I don't see an overt "discrepancy" - quite possible the dog behaved just as described: "restless," then began to whine, cower. That seems restless to me. It's possible the dog's behavior was remembered later, or, as you say, made up for a good story.

But that's not the point, since I wasn't referring to the Hill case. In other words, gee thanks for choosing my blog to spam your distaste for the Hill case which I wasn't writing about at all. I am honored. :)

Terry the Censor said...

Spam? Oh! Animal testimony in the paranormal: 100% relevant to your post!

If one day I tout in your comments section a recording of my channeling sessions with Delsey's spirit, then, yeah, spam for sure.