Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Orange Orb Synchronicities and the Negative Side

 “The Earth is a farm. We are someone else's property.”~ Charles Fort

Last night on Coast to Coast Peter Davenport of the NUFORC reported a batch of sighting reports of orange orbs from across the country. From Florida to Idaho, orange spheres had been seen. Not Chinese lanterns or missiles but, according to Davenport, something different. (Also see UFO Stalker for similar reports. You can adjust the map parameters to your interests. )

(When using the term "orb" it is meant as a physical object, not a spirit/ghost energy orb.)

Listening to Davenport's report, I experienced an emotional jolt; a brief insight that felt like it meant something, but what, I don't know. I felt a twinge of fear or panic, something short and sharp.

For whatever reason, I had been thinking about orange orbs the past two or three days; and specifically quite a bit about the stories of orange orbs that contain negative elements. Why is it, I've been wondering, that some encounters of these orbs are negative ones, even physically harmful to witnesses?

Then, yesterday Kithra at Krystal Kave wrote up a good piece on a story that remains a mystery, and has fascinated me for some time: The Dyatlov Pass Incident. Russia, 1959. Team of ten people died mysteriously and horrifically on Kholat Syakhl mountain. Translated, the name means Mountain of the Dead. Much strangeness occurred, including sightings of orange spheres in surrounding areas during that time frame:
A group of hikers, some 30 miles south of Dyatlov Pass, were reported as saying that they had seen peculiar "orange spheres" that night. These had been seen to the north, probably in the direction of Kholat Syakhl. Similar "spheres" were also seen in Ivdel and nearby locations throughout February to March 1959. They were reported by numerous independent witnesses, including some from the military, and also from the meteorology service. However, later these were demonstrated, by Eugene Buyanov, to have been launches of the R-7 Intercontinental Missile.

Those spheres could have been missiles. They could have been alien operated craft, they could have been human made machines carrying out experiments. Given the condition of the bodies of the victims, the latter is the most likely explanation. Still, there is much about this unexplained event that intrigues, and leaves a lot of questions unanswered. In 2009, I wrote the following piece for UFO Magazine's site: The Orange Orb: UFO Hunter's 'Dark Presence' Episode and a Dream About Wolves and the Inky Black Woods. UFO Hunters was on the air at the time (damn, I miss that show!) and this particular episode was a chilling one concerning orange orbs. There were many similarities between the orange orb I saw years ago and the witnesses on UFO Hunters. I will add that both my husband and I experienced missing time with our sighting of the orange orb:
There are many parallels to my orange orb sighting -- and the sighting that started me on my path of exploration into UFOs -- and the ones discussed in the UFO Hunters episode. Many witnesses reported feelings of dread, of fear, though some had experienced feelings of elation, upon seeing these orbs. I had both: feelings of a happy intrigue when I first saw the orb, and a real goofy, almost psychedelic response right after seeing it. And yet, even though I actually walked to the front door after going inside, with the intent of going back outside to look for the orb, I couldn't do it. I couldn't open the door. I remember thinking how odd it was that here I just saw an incredible thing -- experienced an incredible thing -- yet couldn't make myself go outside to look further.
I also had the most terrifying dreams of my life right after seeing the orb. These dreams were always the same: I'm paralyzed inside a brilliant white beam of light that is so bright I can almost see through things. There is something huge above me, some kind of object. My husband is nearby but has been taken from me and I'm screaming for him, for "them" to return us to. . . or get us out of, wherever the hell we are.
These orbs were described by witnesses as being basket ball sized, or even larger, like a beach ball. That's exactly how I've been describing the size of the orb I saw for all these years. Witnesses also said they felt a premonition, or some kind of telepathic communication between the orb and themselves; I also had that experience when I first saw the orb. I had glanced up having noticed the orb, which I estimated to be about a mile away. I had the distinct feeling it was waiting for me, and as soon as I thought "What the hell is that thing?" it zoomed right to me, following us along the road. (Witnesses also reported they were followed by the orbs.) As we turned the corner to go home (our house was right around the corner) the orb stopped for a moment above a house across the road from us, then just sank down, "landing" in the backyard. Similar behavior was reported by witnesses on the UFO Hunters episode.
The MRIPA paranormal team appeared in the UFO Hunters episode. Rachel from the team left a comment at my article; here is part of what she wrote:
But I will state again,what you have experienced is something completely different from "spirit orbs." Jason and I did do an investigation with Indiana - MUFON back in July of this year. It was a woman and her family who live up in northern Indiana who witnessed one large red orb (basketball size) and a multitude of smaller white orbs (softball size) in the woods that surrounded her house. She too explained a feeling of "awe" at first and than fear. In fact she stated that the orb actually entered through her front door and left a sticky residue on her door. Her dog no longer likes to go out side at night, and when Jason and I were asking her questions, we both noticed that there was missing information that didn't fit in sequence. When I say this, I do not mean that she was telling us false information, what she was telling us was the truth. Her story to this day still has not altered any. What I'm saying is the way she was talking and her actions fit into that of people that have experienced "missing time." She couldn't recall several hours of the 2 nights that she experienced seeing these orbs. One claim that she stated that on the 2 nights that she saw these orbs she felt tired and was inclined to want to go to sleep. Anyways, I did a complete write up of this case for our website and Indiana MUFON, if you would like to read about it. Of course we didn't capture anything, but than if what is being seen is of an intelligent source - maybe they are aware when we are looking and know not to make an appearance. (kind of gives me goose bumps just thinking about that)
Are all these orange orbs of the same origin, the same source? Are they the same thing? Like the black triangles, which have been around since the 1950s, they remain a mystery. And why, if the orange orbs seen in Russia in 1959 are the same as later ones, why are the orbs still present? Fifty years and more of orbs? For what purpose? Or, are these orb sightings utterly unrelated? All we know is that the orbs remain a mystery. I do suspect that, while not completely rejecting ideas of non-human intelligences involved or responsible, the most likely explanation concerns human responsibility. But not so fast; if humans are responsible, this is as chilling as any alien or inter-dimensional entity (i.e, Djinn) explanation. For that means humans are intentionally treating the rest of us like meat bags.

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