Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Deer Synchronicity

I've been working on a writing project the past week. In connection with the project, I was going through my files about deer last night -- specifically, deer stories involving UFOs and the paranormal, Fortean deer stuff. Later, in bed, I was trying to think of a title; all I had so far was something clunky like "Fortean Animal Tales." Suddenly, it came to me: Lola's Deer. I felt good about that, then turned on the radio to listen to Coast to Coast. The guests Noory had on were Trish and Bob MacGregor,  and I had just tuned in to the part where they were discussing a UFO event with several deer bodies lying "prostrate" (I think that's the word they used on the ground. Not only was that a strange synchronicity, but the emotion that came over me when I heard that was also very strange. I don't know why I had such a physical, visceral reaction. Oh yes, to top things off, I received an email yesterday from someone who shared his mysterious deer experience with me; an encounter that involved possible abductions and screen memories.  He gave me permission to use his story, which I will do at a later date.

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Terry the Censor said...

Ungulated Flying Objects!

(Doesn't Santa have a baker's dozen of those?)