Sunday, February 3, 2013

Dimension Dream

Not connected to UFOs, not directly anyway, but strange, what with dimension portals and all...

In a town that's almost a ghost town. People are just...sad. Low energy. A bit scared even. Of what, or who, no idea. I'm not sure what I'm doing here, how I got here, but I don't like it much. But I know no other place. It's as if I have amnesia. Maybe I do. I'm barefoot and find shoes so I put them on. Don't much like the shoes; they're pumps which I don't wear but in a cool funny way they are also in-line skates. What an odd combo! High heels and roller skates. 

I find myself at work, which is at the school. But, being a ghost town in many ways, not many people. Neither staff nor students. Actually, seems to be more staff than students. For some reason, I find myself taking over things a bit. Me and my high heeled skates. Everyone seems apathetic, so no one minds or barely notices that I, out of impatientance, step up. To move about faster, I use the skates, which I realize is against school rules. But then I decide that's ridiculous since no one's around, hardly, to admonish me and it's far more practical to move quickly than it is to follow a useless rule.

I go outside. People are coming up against invisible walls which are really portals to other dimensions. But they're afraid to go all the way. They touch it, then back off, scared. I want to go, but no one else is going, so I don't. Not sure if it's okay.  And there's a police presence; not overtly uniformed cops, but just authorities. Most of them are just self-appointed bossy types, they have no real power. But everyone accepts them as such. Neither these "cops" or people want to go into the dimension thingie. 

Somehow, I find myself in the next town. This town is bright, pretty, clean. Lots of people. Happy busy energy but not crowded, not frenetic. They too have a dimension portal that people are constantly -- and happily --going up to. They touch it, and vanish into the other world. Then they come out when they like. It's a good thing. I want to try it! I wonder why the people in the town over are so damn gloomy and frightened.

But before I get to go up to the dimension wall, I find myself in between the two towns. I realize I'm being chased by authorities; they keep locking me up in rooms and buildings. Not exactly jail cells but imprisoned in some way. But I keep escaping. They surround me near a small one room house; it's light gray with white trim. This is where I'm going to be "imprisoned." I think, shrug, okay you dweebs, go ahead, but I'll just get out again. And anyway, I tell them, just who the f*** are you and I'm not even in the town's boundaries so you have no right. Of course, they don't care about any of that. They just want me gone.

They put me in the house. But then to my definite unease they chain it all up and pull it out to sea. It's a house boat and they think they've gotten rid of me for good. But, while this is pretty uncomfortable in a way, also, lonely -- like, gee you guys, you're actually leaving me alone out here this time -- I laugh because I love the water, and I know this will not stop me. In fact, I'll just get out and go live in the other town.

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Rick Phillips said...

Enjoyed this - thanks for sharing.