Friday, March 22, 2013

hidden experience: I now know

hidden experience: I now know: Anyone who's followed my stuff, whether written or spoken, will know that I can drone on and on about the existential angst of not knowing. This has been a kind of mantra, the endless tape loop I repeat that I am NOT sure if I am really and truly an alien abductee. ~ Mike Clelland, hidden experience
I share this same philosophical view on the whole abductee experience. Including, as Mike further comments at his blog, the terms we use: abductee, experiencer, ...what? For myself, no term has seemed accurate, or, pleasant. Abductee sounds melodramatic, and experiencer sounds "politically correct" as one commentator said --  as well as weak and imposed: "You will be grateful  and joyous for the ET experience."

But that quoted paragraph from Mike does not stand by itself. There is more at his blog about this, and his revelation is encouraging, as well as curious -- what's to come? Among other things, maybe, just maybe, Jim (my dear one) and I will realize the obvious. The pattern, for both of us, going back to our childhoods, seems nothing but obvious, as well as nothing but --  nothing could possibly be, but -- fantastical. And therefore not at all real, and certainly not literal.  But then, is it obvious? Uh-oh, there I go again -- the "endless loop" Clelland, and many of us other "experiencers" (snort) run around in. So I'll stop, and refer you to Mike's blog.

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