Saturday, March 30, 2013

Huffington Post seeks people who have had sex with aliens (15 have responded)

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Naturally, the question is why? It is curious! But note, HP wants not just people who've "had sex with aliens" but also "...people familiar with the phenomenon of sex with aliens..." which tells me, semantically, that it's not just those with direct experience who are wanted, but anyone who's studied such things. Had to laugh at this: ".. considering all points of view skeptics and believers." I'd think that once you had sex with a reptilian, you wouldn't be too skeptical.

Huffington Post seeks people who have had sex with aliens (15 have responded) JIMROMENESKO.COM:

HuffPost journalist is doing a story about the concept of sex with aliens. Would like to speak with people who’ve had sex with aliens, UFO experts, biological experts who can discuss the potential problems of mating with a foreign species, psychological experts who have studied the phenomenon.


Looking for people familiar with the phenomenon of sex with aliens, considering all points of view skeptics and believers.
Cheekiness aside (no pun intended) the purpose of this query is intriguing. But it doesn't look like any in-depth and serious study is intended; the HP blurb links to David Moye "resident pop culture expert and official doomsday correspondent for Huffington Post Weird News. Always looking for weird news," as his Twitter profile explains. Naturally I followed him. I haven't read his work yet so can't comment on what his take will be.

The "I had sex with aliens" phenomena in UFOlogy might seem silly and bizarre, but, as with all cases of the truly anomalous and plain weird in UFOlogy (as well as Bigfootry, etc.) I can't help but approach these stories -- approach these witnesses, meaning people -- with respect and sensitivity. Sure, some of them might be bat hell crazy, but even then, simply rejecting them, (often with rudeness and derission) isn't compassionate. It isn't helpful to the study of UFOs. Like the contactees and paranormal Bigfoot, for example, the so-called "crazy" stories, while irritating for some, are a part of the phenomena. Instead of banishing these witnesses further out on the fringe, it's our work to figure out how to explore their stories.

(There's also an element of human manipulation in many of these encounters. Contactees with stories of sex with aliens; one wonders if shadow agencies weren't responblie for either creating such scenarios,)

Really, the realm of sexual unioin with non-human entities is an ancient one. Djinn, succubi and incubi, angels, fairies, etc -- cultures and religions the world over, throughout history, have beliefs concerning this idea. That should tell us something!

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