Saturday, March 23, 2013

Mike Clelland's "I now know..." Utah map, under the stars

Yesterday, I posted a link, with comments, to Mike Clelland's blog post "I now know." He "came out" and these two earlier posts of his give the context: (See " Sleeping Under the Stars, and Line on a map across Southern Utah.)

 I mentioned to Mike earlier today that I had read his post about sleeping under the Utah skies, and, in a good example of denial/dancing (or scrambling) inside that loop, didn't see the obvious. And as to my own life -- and Jim's -- we still aren't seeing the obvious. So read the two posts Clelland has at his blog.

 It's blogs such as Mike Clelland's, Lucetia Heart, Jeremy Vaeni, and many others, that are the  important stuff in UFOlogy. The "folk," the witnesses, the experiencers, contactees, abductees, whatever label -- the encounters presented just as they are, just as they've been experienced, by the ones who've experienced them. All of us are just trying to find out what happened. We journey through in various ways, but, in my experience (personal communications, intuitive feelings, shared or similar experiences, etc.) all of us are honest and clear in what we share with others. 

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