Monday, May 20, 2013

Skinwalker Goes Missing

On UFO Mystic, my write-up on George Knapp at the McMinnville conference, who spoke about the Skinwalker ranch. UFOMystic  George Knapp at McMinnville UFO Conference

If you've read the book or are familiar with the story, you know that very strange things happened at that ranch. Very strange things have been happening in that area for hundreds of years, and they continue to the present. Among the dozens of mysterious and often downright spooky things that happen is the seemingly sentient behavior of some unseen energy, or entity, or... who knows what it is. Knapp referred to this "thing" acting upon your current thoughts or statements. You mention to someone you hope the bulls are okay, next thing you know, the bulls are locked in a shed. (I thought of crop circles when I heard this; remembering that in some cases, a crop circle would appear in the very spot people were discussing circles. Not only that, the symbols would mimic what was being talked about.) Knapp also said that for a short time, the "skinwalker" effect followed the family once they moved out from the ranch.

So, Jim tells me he wants to read The Hunt for the Skinwalker. We get back home, and I look for the book. We both look for the book, and it cannot be found. All my UFO, paranormal books are pretty much together. We have looked all through the house, and cannot find this book. Jim said "The skinwalker has gone walking -- off with our book." Seems so. He predicts it will turn up in some unexpected place when we least expect it. Wouldn't be surprised.

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Red Pill Junkie said...

That is interesting.

If the book does reappears, I'd study every page very carefully. Perhaps some new message would have been left in them ;)