Monday, June 17, 2013

Alfred Lehmberg: alienviews: Misleading, Misled, Or Mentally Ill? ...Batsqueeze!

 Afred's latest. As usual, excellent. And I like these words from someone who appreciates Lehmberg's words and thoughts -- I lifted them from his blog:

"I love the way you scatter words together like a witch doctor with bones into magical sentences that make my brain feel funny." -- Sacha Claire Christie


Alfred writes, in part:

 Conspiracy LIVES! It is not in my mind. The *news* is a joke! If we looked, WE WOULD FIND! But, the man holds his purse in his covetous fingers, and the *news* is his stooge, so our ignorance lingers.

So, those of you laughing, you're wasting your time; you've nothing to add and committing a crime. Moreover, incurious, it's you being crass! You're lacking real courage, your head's in your ass! It's you lacking bravery to open your eyes, pay a freight—take a stand. You are truly despised.
rest at alienviews: alienviews: Misleading, Misled, Or Mentally Ill? ...Batsqueeze!

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