Monday, June 24, 2013

Chris Holly: 'The reports of Orbs keep coming'

Chris Holly writes of orbs (not spirit/ghost orbs but craft/UFOs) on UFO Digest:The reports of Orbs keep coming. In Holly's case, she witnessed what she describes as a red orb:
My encounter occurred when I noticed a dodge ball size glimmering red orb sitting among the tree tops apparently looking in to my bedroom window. Not knowing what the strange orb was I immediately called my young husband in to look at the orb sitting in the trees. That is about all we remember of that night until the next morning when my husband and I woke up on top of our still made bed with clothes on backwards and twisted while feeling ill and confused. My husband immediately went outside to the look for the strange orb we had seen the night before. He climbed in to the trees where the orb was located but could not find any sign it was there.
In my case, I saw an orange orb -- more orange than a red -- and it too was in the trees. Fascinating article about orbs, witnesses, and the fact these encounters are continuing.

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