Friday, June 21, 2013

From Nick Redfern:An Island of Synchronicities, on Mysterious Universe

Intriguing! Synchronicities were in abundance when Nick Redfern traveled to Puerto Rico years ago to research the Chupacabras. In writing about being seated next to a man from the military on the Chicago flight out, I wondered about the convenience of such a pairing. Well, so did Nick:
An Island of Synchronicities | Mysterious Universe: The always slightly paranoid part of me wondered if he was, perhaps, listening too intently. And, perhaps, the reason why he, a military man, was conveniently sat next to me was to pump me for information.

That aside, be it synchronicity or planned spook encounter, an interesting report on synchronicity and how the phenomena does seem to follow students of the strange.
(thanks to The Anomalist  for link.)

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