Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Nick Redfern: 'Holy Giant Insects!'

At Mysterious Universe, Nick Redfern has a wonderfully bizarre UFO tale to relate. This is what UFO junkies (as the witness Danielle in this story calls herself, and I am of that same world) live for! Truly incredible and so, the question is: is it true? Literal? Does it matter?

Some of this reminds me of contactee Dana Howard and her experiences in the desert. Howard did not meet with giant insectoid beings, but her frequent visits to the desert and musings on the esoteric brought her visitations from other realms.
Holy Giant Insects! | Mysterious Universe: As the helicopter got ever closer, Danielle somewhat reticently explained to me, she could see that it was, in actuality, nothing of the sort. Rather, the “helicopter” was a black-colored, and monstrously huge, flying insect of about eight to ten feet in length. What she first thought were the distant whirls of its rotor-blades, were in fact rapidly beating wings. And the calf was not hanging by “a couple of ropes” either. Rather, it was held in a vice-like grip by a pair of powerful-looking, black-colored limbs. ~ Redfern, Mysterious Universe

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