Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Red Pills of the Week — June 15th | Mysterious Universe

Always enjoy Red Pill Junkie's Red Pills of the Week, and the current list is another good one. My favorite items: Uri Geller(I agree, he's neither fake nor, well, ... trickster-spy indeed, maybe), Mirage Men, Mark Pilkington (who, and I admit I haven't read his book, irks me. Well, not him personally, I don't know the man. But the idea that because powers that be manipulated UFO researchers and witnesses, UFOs are trivial making us dupes, doesn't explain very much, just points out the givens.) And of course you have to laugh even while being exasperated at "Chantelle" an alien abductee. Funny, but not so, given that the phenomena is still not being taken seriously. Including by some researchers.

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