Saturday, June 8, 2013

Small White Planes

Nothing to report here, on anything much. Partly too busy with non-blogging life, partly the heat. This little observation doesn't have anything to do with UFOs but it's a bit odd. But one thing I've noticed in the past couple of weeks around the skies of Eugene: low flying, smallish white planes. Probably private planes. One flew over our house, very low. Couldn't make out any markings. A few days later, about a mile up the road, I saw what looked like a similar type of plane, again flying low (though seemed to be a bit higher than the previous plane) fly over the school yard. It had some kind of object it was carrying underneath the plane. The object had a rounded oval, like a bulb shape, with a "tail" -- dark colored, appeared black or dark brown. No markings that I could see. I wonder if the object under the plane wasn't a drone.

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