Thursday, July 4, 2013

David Marler on Triangular UFOs, Coast to Coast last night

     David Marler, author of Triangular UFOs, was last night's guest on C2C:Triangular UFOs - Shows - Coast to Coast AM. Absolutely fascinating! For example, the earliest sightings of these triangle UFOs go back to the eighteen hundreds. Before I heard that, I thought the earliest was in the nineteen fifties. I've often thought that the triangles were mainly man made objects but, while some of them may well be, that explanation doesn't cover all of the phenomenon. The only conclusion: non-human. Whether that is ET from outer space or something else, who can say. But after listening to Marler, with his precise information on these triangles, you really can't come away with any other conclusion.
     Researcher Richard Dolan has written much on the triangle UFOs, and now, Dolan is publishing as well as writing. He is the publisher of Marler's book, which only adds to the credibility of this research.
     I've been interested in the triangle UFOs because I saw one of these myself years ago. Man made, possible, or, not. Either way, it was a very eerie experience.

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