Saturday, August 17, 2013

Area 51 'Disclosure' : You, Me, and Everyone Else

We're all commenting on the big CIA news, that yes, Area 51 really does exist! That news nothing new here move along item made the front page of our local paper, the Register Guard, with Associated Press writer Hannah Dreier's glib fluffy happy news piece with the headline UFO Fans cheer CIA's admission on Area 51.  Referring to UFO "believers" as, well, believers, as well as "UFO buffs," Dreier puts the screws in with "...the tinfoil hat crowd." Dreier quotes an Audrey Hewins of Maine who "...runs a support groups for people like her who believe they have been contacted by extraterrestrials..."
"I'm thinking htat they're probably testing the waters now to see how made people get about the big lie and cover-up." 
No, they're not. I know I'm preaching to the choir, but here goes. As we all know, no news at all. Everyone knows Area 51 is "real." This national news disclosure is of course, not disclosure of any kind of any thing.

We also know that this is just a big silly happy dance act put on for popular culture. It's also disinformation and misinformation. Misdirection. It's tied in with the scramblings of the President and the NSA who have been assuring us that the NSA doesn't really spy on us, not like you think they do. Releasing the news nothing new here move along item soothes the submerged panic within the hoi poli, but doesn't do anything in terms of productive and authentic value to the world regarding UFOs. 

Top secret human made technology to protect us is what goes in Area 51, and that's all we really need to know, according to the big news.  Rest assured, now that we have been officially informed by the CIA, bless their hearts, things are all right. We don't need to fear anything; not our government, hell we can trust them! --  they just admitted Area 51 exists, after all -- not the NSA, because they only listen in for our own good.

U2 Plane: see wikipedia on NASA cover story

This is akin to the government's "admitting" that Roswell was really weather balloons, no, we mean crash test dummies, wait, what we meant was ... oh well. At least they admitted Roswell was all them, and not ET-alien-inter dimensional non-human entities playing with our minds.

I love what Whitley Streiber said last night on Coast to Coast. (I have always respected Strebier but have gone back and forth with the variations on the UFO experiencer continuum, but at this point, I believe him, and I respect him, and that's that) who said (paraprhasing) "I'm sane, anyone who doesn't believe in UFOs at this point is the one who is  insane." Yes, it gets down to that. ET exists, UFOs are, and that's the truth. Millions of degrees as to what, who, and why they are, let alone mean, but they are. So get over it and get to work.

Meanwhile, we get propaganda within propaganda, because believe it, this ridiculous "news" the CIA has come clean about Area 51 is propaganda. All the right words are used in Dreier's piece:
  • "tinfoil hat," 
  • "UFO buffs" 
  • "believers" 
  • "conspiracy theorists" 
  • "little green men" (!)
  • "the truth is out there"
  • "UFO aficionados"
  • "alien vehicles"
  • "Roswell incident"
  • "extraterrestrial corpses"
  • and the killer: "...Stanton Friedman, a self-described UFologist..." 

The Dreier piece ends abruptly, doesn't go anywhere, and does just what it's supposed to do: pass on the silly factor to the mainstream news.

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Terry the Censor said...

> "...Stanton Friedman, a self-described UFologist..."

The writer is correct, strictly speaking. Friedman never did earn a degree in ufology. True, in his day, universities didn't have ufology departments, as they all do now.

But it is a wonder that not one institution has awarded Friedman an honourary doctorate in ufology. Maybe the MJ-12 group has threatened their funding! That explains it.