Thursday, August 1, 2013

Sky, Trout, and Devil

     The following had nothing to do with UFOs or research, but it does involve animals and the dream state, so good enough. Night before last I had a dream, set in one of my many recurring dream states. This one was the one where it's a in the middle of nowhere semi-tourist teeny town surrounded by woods. Single lane highway through it. Usually it's night when I'm here. Don't know where all this goes, where I'm going, always a little anxious and even creepy.
     Someone steals my fifteen year old car and refurbishes it -- turns it into a weird Jeep/trike bike combo thing, with a domed window covering, like an inverted fishbowl, the interior of the car-jeep-bike.
     I get the car back, annoyed this guy just up and stole my car and took it upon himself to change it. On the way to my car I come upon three dogs: two black labs, about a year or two old, and a German Shepherd, about four or five years old. These dogs are fantastic! Funny, sweet, intelligent. They have been waiting for me. Their only "job" is to be with me. We are all so damn happy to be together! I have a lucid moment; why am I dreaming about dogs, when two dogs recently killed my beloved cat, Roswell, recently (I am still grieving his death) and, the only time I've been bitten by a dog was by a black lab. The only time my husband has been bitten was by a black lab. (That attack was so bad he had to go to the hospital.) And I'm no fan of German Shepherds, not a favorite breed of mine.
     Oh well. These dogs, in the dream, are just so great. We're all communicating very easily and telepathically. One of them says "Hey, we need names. You have to name us!" So I call one of the black labs "Sky", the other one "Trout," and the German Shepherd, "Devil." That last one cracks us all up, because it's a joke. "Devil" in an affectionate way, he is very un-Devil like. Not a vicious bone in his body. So we all get a good laugh out of that name. I have another lucid moment and think, "Hmm, Devil sounds a little off, but now Diablo, that's much cooler." So we go back and forth calling him Devil or Diablo, still laughing about the name.
     Later, looking at vintage images of Tarot cards, I find this:

Image source for card here.
     It is interesting a black dog is used for the Death card. In this card the dog appears to be a Great Dane, not a black lab. The black dog image in folklore, particularly Celtic lore, is connected with the supernatural, death, appearing usually at night. Google black dog folklore and you'll find a lot to explore. Aside from the traditional black dog lore, there is an interesting black dog story related by Whitley Strieber in Solving the Communion Enigma; What is to Come. A dead black dog  -- a lab -- was found on neighbor's property in the midst of the intense (that's an understatement!) UFO activity Whitley and his family were experiencing. Streiber reminds us that Cerberus  the black dog, is the guardian of Hades. Obviously why this Tarot card depicts a  black dog. Interesting I called the shepherd in my dream "Devil" -- my subconscious picking up on filed away knowledge. (though why I named him Devil and not one of the black labs I don't know.)
     I wrote at the beginning that this has nothing to do with UFOs but as I went along, remembered the black dog story in Strieber's book. Domed vechilces, and a black lab named Sky. Trout, however, remains puzzling. Unless, as Douglas Adams once wrote, "So long, and thanks for all the fish." 

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