Monday, August 12, 2013

UFO Photographer Wilbur Allen

Wilbur Allen was last night's guest on C2C:UFOs and Wormholes - Shows - Coast to Coast AM.

Very interesting. Wilbur is a professional photographer, working for National Geographic, among other entities. He uses a variety of cameras with high end filters, infra red and well, I'm no camera expert but you get the idea. (Wilbur is also interested in ghost research and other anomalous type subjects, using cameras to document the existence of unexplained phenomenon.) Wilbur is also a UFO/ET witness.

Skeptics of course are having their say over at the James Randi discussion forum. According to them, all Wilbur has shown are images of meteors entering our skies.

It is a fact that the use of night vision cameras and other high end cameras with special filters (ultra violet, etc.) capture things in ghost and UFO hunting that can't be seen with the naked eye. What all this means, that's another story. But anyone who has watched any of these programs where these cameras are used, or looked at YouTube videos, can't deny the fact of data. Yet, some do.

When I clicked on the link on the Coast to Coast site to go to Wilbur's site, I received a "Directory Listing Denied -- This Virtual Directory does not allow contents to be listed" message. Hmmm. I then Googled Allen's site: and got the same message. On C2C last night host John B Wells said some listeners were emailing that the site was crashed due to heavy use; Wells said his server "could handle it." So glitch or something more sinister? Always the conspiratorial mind.

Interesting hearing Wilbur on the program, but haven't seen enough of his work to know what I think about what he says he's captured.

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