Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Invisible aliens and the dream state: shared images

Joe Gooch kindly gave me permission to post the following dream he had recently. I commented to Joe that I found his dream very interesting, since I too have "invisible" aliens -- entities present, felt, and known, yet visually unseen -- as well as other elements in my dreams:  the deja-vu, wands, and  orange orb. Visit Joe's site here.

{from Joe Gooch} Had an interesting dream this morning before I woke up that i tought I'd share with you;
I was on a plane, a small private type plane, and we were being followed by an orange orb which I saw out the left window. It then appeared on the right of the craft.
The engines of the plane cut out and we slowly began to nosedive towards an island.
I remember thinking "This is going to hurt" as we approached some vegetation covered rocks.
Before we crashed, the plane was enveloped in a strange mist.
Then I was on the Island. There was talk of 'alien beings' being somewhere near us and one apparently having a 'wand' but when I saw where the being should have been standing, there was only small twinkling lights as if it had just 'de-materialised'.
I remember something strange in the trees, an odd tan coloured limb bending backwards and a vague memory of other island areas but then I woke up.
Was very vivid and film-like.
As I get 'Dream Deja-Vu' relatively often I thought I'd record that one here, just in case.
Joe had also commented that "any dreams i've ever had that feature 'alien beings' in anyway, i never actually see the being. They have either 'de-materialised' like in this dream, or as in a previous dream where I was presenting an alien being to gathered news media, the being was 'removed' from what i was seeing and only a space comprising of tv static like interference was where it should have been."

I find this "invisible alien" motif very interesting.  Do some of us block the images of literal aliens due to fear, a glitch in the method imposed on us to ensure we don't remember, or is it just the way we're wired? Or is it because "they" or "it" have no form, and only appear as  various players -- grays, reptilians, giant grasshoppers or insects, for example.

I don' t know. I think in much of this however we are much more deeply connected with all parts of ourselves, including our subconscious, than some of us might assume. Memories as well as communications take place during the dream state. While some of "aliens" are literally beings from other planets and physical, some of them either exist on other planes that are primarily non-physical, or, they are capable of moving between the two realms.  

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