Sunday, November 24, 2013

Angel Alien Cricket Voices

This is amazing and wonderfully eerie, and for those of us immersed in esoterica and general UFO high strangeness -- that whole giant insect alien thing -- a most definite added dimension and juxtaposition to the realm of intelligent Insectoid overlords. : Expanded Consciousness: Recorded Crickets Slowed Down Sound Like Humans Singing.

Related bit of synchronicity, in a very round about way. Recently I've been thinking of the time, decades ago, when a friend and I dropped acid and went up into the Topanga Canyon hills. At dawn, watching the sun rise, the clouds come in, and I "heard the clouds." My friend insisted she did too. The clouds were signing, angelic voices above us, very much like this. Singing angel clouds. I'm not sure why I've been remembering that day, other than the usual and  general musings on consciousness.

The more I listen to this, the more beautiful I find this, and am stunned as well as aware of Nature as spirit, and the world of Fae, and how the multiple "tracks" (as with the two tracks of cricket songs) of reality there are that we remain unaware of, for the most part.

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