Monday, November 11, 2013

More Dragonfly; and White Wolf Tarot

I posted the other day about dragonfly synchronicity; today were two more moments. I was going through a long neglected drawer today (setting up my tarot/oracle business, more on that later) and found two pieces of dragonfly jewelry I had completely forgotten about. A little green rhinestone pin, and a bronze and green pendant.

As to my new adventure, I've been gnashing teeth and pulling out hair over trying to set up a Homestead web page. I don't know if I'll keep it, I might go with another site. It's  not published yet; still trying to get everything to work right. It's called White Wolf Tarot -- hopefully I'll get somewhere with it!

Speaking of Dragonfly, I found this card using dragonfly motif from a deck called the Tarot of a Moon Garden. I can't get past the use of dragonflies replacing swords -- the imagery doesn't feel right -- but I don't know anything about the deck and not having seen it in person.

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