Saturday, December 14, 2013

Dream Synchronicity: "Dream Cloud Inside Your Mind" And Dog

Artist: Sir Edwin Landseer (1801-1873

Synchronicity: I was just working on a post about my dog dreams of late, including black dogs, on my White Wolf Oracle blog, and took a break to check out The Anomalist, where I found the following link:Naked in public? Dreams Cloud wants to get inside your mind. This is either an exciting idea and intriguing, one that is tempting to participate in, or, cause for paranoid thoughts regarding mind control and social manipulations. I haven't decided which.

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"Dreams Cloud has the largest database of dreams in the world, and also gives its users access to a group of expert professional dream reflectors," Dreams Cloud co-founder Matt Tabrizi told Crave. "Dreams Cloud users can request a professional reflection when they log their dreams, then someone from our team of experienced dream workers will get back to them with thoughts and insights to help lead and guide them towards their personal self-reflection process." (Dream Cloud)

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