Friday, January 24, 2014

Dead Files: Encountering Aliens

Wow. Tonight's episode of The Dead Files, with medium Amy Allan, had Allan tell the haunted residents in their Rome, New York home that she had encountered something she had never experienced before. Besides the usual spirits haunting the property, it seems there are also tall, human looking but decidedly not human beings that Allan said were "aliens." Either aliens, or beings from another world -- not spirits or ghosts of humans, or even non-human energy type entities and creatures (demons) but, for lack of a better term, aliens. Non-human beings from another planet.

These beings appear to be after the children in particular. Allan said these beings will probably always be there and she didn't know how to get rid of them.


Terry the Censor said...

> These beings appear to be after the children in particular.

Paranormal TV producers are incapable of feeling shame.

Regan Lee said...

Terry, your comment needs clarification. Let's go along with the premise that Allan is legit. The parents are understandably upset that these things are bothering -- harming -- their kids. The mother moved out of the house with her kids because of this. Allan picks up on this same thing and shares this with the parents, who have confirmed this. How does the 'shame" part come into this?

Of course, if you believe Allan, etc. are full of it then that's another issue and there is nothing to discuss.