Thursday, January 2, 2014

Delving into the Esoteric Realm of the Black Dog Mind-Slide

Image (altered) public domain Wilhelm von Gloeden and Urban Ghost blog

Black Dog
I've been chronicling my Black Dog dreams and synchronicities. For whatever reason, Black Dog has been appearing to me in recent months, along with a few non-black dogs. I find this interesting because I don't have a dog, and haven't had one in decades. (I do wish I had one now and have been wanting one for a couple of years, but the time is not right.) Another reason and more to the point: anytime an image visits us with such consistency it's a big sign from the Universe to pay attention to ... something. Something is trying to get through. 

I haven't figured it out yet.

So far, Black Dog has appeared in many dreams, and a few synchronicitous moments. This morning, I had one of my "mind postcards" or maybe "slide" is a better word. A mind postcard, or mind-slide, is that vivid, startling, unexpected, out of nowhere moment when an image -- wait, more than just an image, a presence -- literally pops into my mind's eye when I'm awake. (I wrote about one I had years ago involving a green, warty non-human entity.)

This morning, wide awake and had been for twenty minutes or so, just gathering my thoughts, not thinking of anything in particular just about my plans for the day, a huge mind-slide of a Black Dog appeared. It startled the hell out of me. A huge, short haired, big eared Black Dog, sitting up, looking right at me. Not threatening or unfriendly, but not silly friendly either. Just sitting there, looking at me. "Here I am," it said. Not literally spoke, but the intent was clear. Beautiful dog, sort of like a short haired German Shepherd and a Doberman, but completely black. Very calm, very intelligent.

Dream Guides
I have been working with dream guides; calling upon mine. Is the Black Dog, or dog in general, my dream guide? For years I've had dreams of a white wolf that accompanied a long haired woman, with staff, who I was meant to follow. This has changed in recent months to a white haired older woman with a dog, not necessarily a wolf. More recently, Black Dog and dogs in general. So the Wolf-Black Dog- dog is an image, a power symbol, that comes to me for some reason. 

It looks like this year, I am going to have to delve into the esoteric realm of the 
Black Dog. 

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