Thursday, January 2, 2014

NYE Oregon UFO: YouTube

A few videos on YouTube taken by Oregon residents on a UFO seen NYE, a bit after midnight, which was when we saw ours.

These videos were taken in the Portland area; Beaverton and Gresham, roughly  ninety miles from where we are, in Eugene.

This video was taken in Gresham. In some ways it looks a bit like the same thing we saw, there are glimpses of orange. One thing I've observed from watching UFOs, the way the object appears to the naked eye is often very different on how it looks through binoculars or a camera lens. What shows up on camera is different from what was seen.

This one taken in Portland/Hillsboro. Possibly Chinese lanterns? The orange color at times looks like what we saw, but this video shows two objects and they flit in and out but remain the same color and shape and seem to stay roughly in the same place. Our sighting: the object was one object, moved consistently and changed color.

Another from Portland, this one is blue, strobbing. Nothing at all what we saw. Jim thinks it might be an LED light of some type:

Next stop, for fun, call the airport tomorrow though I doubt that will get me anywhere.

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Terry the Censor said...

Unfortunately, the videos are poor evidence of anything. Nothing in them distinguishes the objects in such a way that we would think them to be anything but prosaic.

The first and third videos had a simple light in the sky. The second video had lights acting in a lantern-y manner.

But it was refreshing to see a blue light for a change.