Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Tall Aliens

      I recently posted here at the Orb about an episode of The Dead Files and medium Amy Allan's encounter with, not ghosts, but aliens: 
Tonight's episode of The Dead Files, with medium Amy Allan, had Allan tell the haunted residents in their Rome, New York home that she had encountered something she had never experienced before. Besides the usual spirits haunting the property, it seems there are also tall, human looking but decidedly not human beings that Allan said were "aliens."
     (I expanded on that post for my Trickster's Realm column at Tim Binnall's site.)
     Allan was emphatic that the entities were not ghosts or spirits but aliens, something I find very intriguing. It is always interesting when an area of fringe research, say NDEs, bumps into ET.
     Allan described the aliens as tall. Today's Anomalist shares a couple of items about tall aliens. While these items aren't ghost related, I find the tall alien imagery interesting. This  Russian video of a tall spider type entity crawling across the building. Allegedly the people taking the video had seen a UFO above them.  Anomalist notes it seems fake, and I agree. Pretty obvious. Then there's this video from California of a tall entity in connection with a UFO sighting.
Eos, by Evelyn de Morgan (1850 - 1919)

     In 1984, Russian astronauts reported seeing tall aliens in space. These entities were referred to as "space angels" and "celestial beings" and were said to be "colossal" in size. A famous UFO case and Rob Murphy wrote a good piece at Mysterious Universe in 2012. 
    Charles Hall said he encountered "tall whites" -- lived with them in fact -- in the Nevada desert in 1967.
     Colin Andrews has been researching the tall white clad beings seen in crop circles: The Silbury Hill Stargate.

     Of course there many accounts of tall aliens, sometimes white or gray. The Nordics encountered during the contactee era were often described as tall, though not overly tall, like the "celestial" beings seen by cosmonauts. Are these tall beings aliens, as in ET from outer space, or a different entity, something spiritual (angelic) or elemental, etc.? Whatever the answer to that question, there does seem to be a connection or cross over effect of entities, ghosts, crop circles, UFOs, and other high strangeness. As it is with so much of UFO and paranormal events.

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