Tuesday, March 11, 2014

2014 UFO Fest

Well, UFO Fest in McMinnville, I am very sorry to say, has gotten very greedy this year. Prices are higher. in the past, it'd cost us $25 each to hear all the speakers, now it would cost us $45 each. Plus hotel, etc. More things added, but it's fluff. Sounds like fun fluff, but just fluff. Begins Thursday night at 7:00 pm, instead of the usual Friday night. Which means that if you work, and money is tight (which means most of us) you have to shell out more, or, forget it. I choose to forget it. Maybe McMenamins will realize how greedy they're being and how inaccessible they're making their UFO Fest this year and will reign in some of their "extras" next year. Too bad that these venues often end being about money and glitz, and little meaningful content.

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