Sunday, March 9, 2014

Jeremy Vaeni: Do Aliens Call Themselves Experiencers, Too?

Jeremy gets it, in my opinion. Pondering the motivations of the "aliens" and what's in it for us, Jeremy Vaeni asks:
Do Aliens Call Themselves Experiencers, Too? | JayVay: Let’s put this mural together in the form of a question: Is it possible I’ve been wrong all these years about the unimportance of the surface presentation we consciously remember? Family or not, what if this intelligence hides the deep stuff in the shallows of the presentation? Hey, even family’s got secrets to keep, right? So, if humans tend to remember the gist and forget the details, could they be hiding the important stuff in plain sight because that’s the stuff we’ll forget anyway? And what we don’t forget we commit to our outstanding long term memories. I don’t want to alarm anyone here, but this is too perfect. ~ Jeremy Vaeni
I know I'm going off on tangents here and I'm not speaking for Vaeni, just inspired by his recent blog writings and going off in my own direction. I left a comment on another entry of his at his blog the other day (A Question for Experiencers of "Alien," "Ghostly," and "Numinous" Encounters)  regarding these UFO/alien/paranormal/other/Fortean/anomalous/etc. experiences. Some of us have had a life time of these encounters, or, some of us may have had only one. Regardless of the number, sometimes these experiences give us a huge life changing jolt of insight, messages from "them" that we are compelled to share with the world. "They" told us about higher vibrations and a whole bunch spiritual political stuff we know is the truth. We know because a non-human entity told us so. So it has to be true, and it has to be good.

Some of us -- like myself -- have had lifetime experiences that sometimes are personally profound on a nebulous and spiritual level and sometimes they are very weird but don't seem to offer anything of use, other than the sheer weirdness of the experience. After decades of UFO sightings, missing time, encountering entities, hauntings,  -- a very long list of weird -- I don't have any deep spiritual insights to share, or messages of hope, cures, or warnings. I don't have a message from a Venusian to deliver to the masses.

The skeptoids of course (and not a few UFO researchers) use this fact as evidence there really is no there there. The whole UFO and anomalous realm is a big so what. Boring. Big deal. Move on.

That's all missing the point. It is a big deal and there is a lot to see here. We assume it's about messages and fixing humanity and discovering the literal, technical world of better, bigger things to enhance our lives. But "they" keep appearing, interacting with us, and we keep trying to figure it out. Frustrated with our lack of success in decoding their motivations, we conclude that it's all fantasy, bunk, misinterpretations or that, (and maybe this is the bleakest of all) sure, yes, "they" exist, but so what? Many a researcher has given up in frustration; acknowledging the reality of the "other" they simply decide there's no point.

Some assume that it's one thing. Maybe it is one thing; as some scholars point out, it may all come from one anomalous core. But the diversity of manifestations from that core has many facets. One alien may be a literal ET from Mars, with its own agenda. That may be proven to the world, but that would not be the end of the story. The ET phenomena will not have been solved with that one disclosure, merely one small aspect of a massively complex phenomena.

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