Thursday, June 5, 2014

Missing 411: The Devil's In The Detail For All -

Missing 411: The Devil's In The Detail For All - By Dustin Naef - - "For all those who have read David Paulides “411 Missing” books, and believe you’ve figured out the Who or What behind all of the mysterious disappearances going on in our nation’s National Parks (and elsewhere), prepare yourselves for another paradigm shift."
I don't think there is any research out there that is stranger and creepier and downright scarier than David Paulides work into the disappearances taking place in national parks, forests, woods, rural areas, etc.

Lots of speculation, including supernatural or Fortean ones. Now, on one Coast to Coast interview a few months back, Paulides inspired me to think along lines of a Bigfoot type energy/entity being responsible for these disturbing disappearances. This generated a heated email from Paulides after I posted a piece on my thoughts.  on Cryptomundo and on my blog Frame 352: The Stranger Side of Bigfoot. Well, I did get a book out of it and, while I maintain he misunderstood what I said, that has nothing to do with his excellent research. He's the only one out there doing anything like this, and it's clearly extremely important work. I cannot wait to read his other books, including his newest; The Devil's in the Details.

I look forward to everything and anything Paulides has to share with us on these disappearances. What is going on?!  (Adding to the already disturbing mystery is the fact there is an obvious cover-up by authorities regarding the disappearances.)

And so, this brings us to Naef's review of Paulides newest book on the strange disappearances, The Devil's in the Detail. New information, new cases, new ideas as to what force is responsible for people disappearing and sadly in many cases, dying. Naef writes, on finding an answer to this mystery:

"Ultimately, I think this is a mystery which is not going to be solvable by any one person, or explained away to anyone’s satisfaction by an “expert”. But by making all of this information public and open-sourcing it I believe there’s a good chance that the mystery will someday be solved." ~ Naef

There are lots of clues, and clues that defy the mundane. Bigfoot, elementals, time warps, portals, fairies, who can say. Maybe none of those things, maybe some of those things . . . but it does seem obvious that there is something other afoot, something truly out of the ordinary, that is the cause for people disappearing.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Regan,

After first hearing David Paulides sometime on CtC early last year, I read his 'Missing 411- Eastern United States: Unexplained disappearances of North Americans that have never been solved' (Mar 6, 2012) And, wow! What struck me is, if the reports were relayed accurately to Paulides, the children who went mysteriously missing (often right from the house where they were at) suggests a sophisticated, stealth way of kidnapping.

Also, most of the children were not in the care of their parents, but another relative (an aunt/uncle, grandparent). Do the kidnappers know this and believe the 'lesser' relatives aren't paying as much attention as a direct parent would? I had the distinct impression that might have something to do with it (if we're looking at it from an occult and/or aggressive djinn/fairie/elemental/ ufo-ish abduction perspective). And that some of the childrens' disappearances were last reported right near some earlier reported ufo abductions sites is creepy.

I'm sorry you and Paulides had a dust-up over Bigfoot. Sadly, when most people here that name they attach lots of popular culture junk baggage to it.

~ Susan