Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Jeremy Vaeni: "What Made Paratopia Different Than Other Shows"

Jeremy Vaeni tells us, about his own excellent podcast that is no more:What Made Paratopia Different Than Other Shows. Many reasons how Paratopia was different -- and so much better than most -- shows, but also, Paratopia was the only podcast to bring the reprehensible behavior of UFO researcher David Jacobs to our attention. And continued to bring it to our attention.

"But the journey is the thing, as they say, and oh, what a ride we took. Everything from helping fund Kogi elders flying to New York for the first time so they could do energy work in Upstate and get an audience with the Dalai Lama while he was in town… to exposing the criminal-like behavior of David Jacobs and wrongheaded research of Budd Hopkins (thanks to Carol Rainey’s now legendary Paratopia Magazine article.) We effectively killed hypnosis in alien abduction research as a viable tool for serious researchers. This is not to say that the Barbara Lambs of the world will stop breaking peoples’ minds with it simply because we gave a spotlight to the Emma Woods/David Jacobs fiasco–but it is the entire reason Jacobs is now shying away from saying he’s using hypnosis. He now says he’s using relaxation techniques. What he’s doing is harming people. He is allowed to carry on because ufology is a social network and a cottage industry and not much more. But for those in the “not much more” category who actually care about right and wrong–they followed the story and we all got a dose of reality. No longer was the argument against hypnosis hypothetical. It was staring us in the face and I don’t think we’ll ever recover." ~ (Vaeni)
Overall, Vaeni's blog is one of the best UFO/other weird stuff and musings blogs out there.

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