Sunday, July 6, 2014

Post 4th: Not Much There There

All was very quiet, relatively, in our neighborhood on the 4th. No big displays seen from the porch. Thankfully, few illegal booming bombs of fireworks. (I mean, why? All it does is scare pets and people and rattle windows.) Certainly no UFOs seen in our skies -- we didn't, and if there were local reports I'm unaware.

Last night we were on our porch, having heard "booms" and seeing a few weakly colorful fireworks someone was setting off a few blocks away. I noticed what I assumed was a plane very high up in the sky. I said to Jim "That plane seems awfully high!" I did see a bright white light but couldn't tell if it had other lights. It was moving like a plane. Sort of. I had turned to Jim for maybe all of two seconds, when I looked back to the sky, the light was gone. I mean, gone. It could have gone through some clouds, if clouds there were -- but it was strange it was just gone like that. I scanned the sky, after all it had to be somewhere and it couldn't have traveled that fast. But oh well.  Another no account semi-mysterious light-in-the-sky event.

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