Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Operating Room: UFO Show Triggers Buried Inkling, or Merely Nudges the Mundane?

The other night, I was watching Unsealed: Alien Files, episode 28, which originally aired in July of 2013. The usual UFO TV stuff: aliens, spaceships, tilted camera angles, witness reports, space age music, and for whatever reason, a childhood memory popped into my mind. This is a memory that I think upon once in a great while. Just a curios thing, but nothing associated with UFOs or aliens (say, like my Patio Alien experience, for one) just an odd little memory. I don't know why this memory popped into my head while watching the show.

Patio Alien seen in 1958? L.A., California

When I was about four (and before we lived in the house on Corning street where I had the Patio Alien experience) I had my tonsils removed. I remember only two things about that experience. One, in the hospital, which I'll relate in a moment. The other, after the operation, and I'm standing on the little porch with some adults, probably my grandmother, and talking with an adult friend of the family? Neighbor? A man, asking me how I'm feeling and the best thing about having my tonsils out was the ice cream I'd get to eat.

The other -- and this is the memory that popped into my head while watching Unsealed -- was the following:

I'm on the little gurney inside a pitch black hospital room. I assume it's the operating room. No lights, cannot see a thing. Not a thing. It is so very dark, and I am petrified. I am screaming and crying like crazy. A nurse hovers over me; all in white, complete with starched cap. She smiles at me but it is not nice, it's a horrible smile. She puts this huge black mask type thing over my face. Later, I'm in the hospital bed, my mom and grandmother are there, and the same nurse comes in. I inwardly start to freak out -- I am scared to death! I want to scream at my mother and grandmother how evil this woman is, but she comes in, all smiling and happy. She tells my mother and grandmother what a great patient I was, a real dream, and I'm thinking "Lady, are you crazy? I was hysterical! Don't you remember? Why are you lying?" I remember feeling very confused and frighted of this woman and her lies.

About two seconds after this memory popped into my head, the narrator of the Unsealed program says that many UFO witnesses and abductees report having memories of being in an operating room.

So that was a little jolt of UFO synchronicity.

I really did have my tonsils out, that is no cover memory. But, as with these things, what aspect of this memory, if any, is truer to my "invisible aliens" and other UFO high strangeness? Was my memory of the inky dark operating room and fake happy nurse a part of a larger UFO experience, or merely a memory of being a little kid alone and scared?

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