Saturday, September 13, 2014

Bright and Sparkly in Night Time Contrail

The other night, watching the night sky as usual. Idly watching a plane fly over head; it was leaving a trail. Chem, con, whatever. I did think it a bit unusual and called Jim to come and look. We watched it for awhile, including looking through the binoculars. Suddenly, two brilliant, sparkling "stars" shimmered through the con/chem trail. They were side by side, very bright and glittering. Jim said he couldn't see them, I could with and without the binoculars. But it only lasted for a few moments. As groovy as the sight was, I assumed it was stars, combined with the optical illusion of the trail contents that gave them that spectacular glow. But then, the two stars (of course, assuming they were stars) were no longer there. I could no longer see them at all, not with the binoculars, nor without.

Another one of those brief and enigmatic night sky moments. . .

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