Sunday, October 26, 2014

Jeremy Vaeni is back!

Jeremy Vaeni, along with Jeff Ritzmann, had one of the best UFO podcasts ever with their Paratopia program. In this article from Jeremy he explains why he stopped his podcast, and why he's back. I'm looking forward to this! October Surprise: Whitley Strieber Resurrects Me From The Podcasting Dead | JayVay:

 Premiering exclusively at, The Experience is a weekly half-hour program wherein I interview experiencers of all high strangeness phenomena. Anything and everything is on the table. Let’s explore it all: what it means to be an experiencer; what the experience itself may mean beneath its obvious surface. And what is an “experience of high strangeness?” Does it hold at its core a singular intelligence using numerous facades like tools to interact with us, or are we embedded in a much larger ecosystem filled with multiple intelligences and energies that live on the periphery of our senses? Or is something else entirely going on? (Jeremy Vaeni)

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