Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Orb Glitch

A weird thing just happened as I was typing my story about the orange orb. Earlier this evening, I had the idea about "There are Orange Orbs, and Then There are Orange Orbs." A working title in fact. What I mean by that, is that there are orange orbs (and, apparently, of late, square orange orbs) that are odd lights, ranging in size from airplane size to quite large, appearing in groups or connected to each other, or, singly. All manner of orbs. Ours, or ET? Always the question.

Then there are orbs, as in spirit orbs, or at least, something more nebulous, more ethereal, than a craft, an object, a UFO, a solid thing. These are spirits, or ghosts, or energies or . . .

And of course we can't forget about the Chinese lanterns.

So earlier this evening, I'm writing about our sighting from years ago, factually, which of course, is anything but, since to this day Jim and I questions about what happened, disagreements about memory, confusion as to our, at times, apathetic reaction and wonderment at our missing time.

It at that point -- that trickster or Oz effect, that tangled messed up confused aspect of the sighting --that my computer just went crazy.

Something happened, and my computer began erasing all of my text. I scrambled to stop it, to save it, to …. something, but it kept happening. Fortunately, it finally stopped, and I hadn't gotten too far and managed to rewrite what was eaten by the aliens living inside my laptop. (I don't really think there are aliens living in my laptop -- I'm not David Jacobs after all.)

This has never happened before when I was typing. Very well a logical explanation, but you know what they say about UFOs, synchronicites, and all the rest.

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