Saturday, November 15, 2014

LogDriver: Emma Woods, Creepy Professors and My Little Wooden Box

LogDriver — Emma Woods, Creepy Professors and My Little Wooden Box: Suffice it to say that listening to the recording of Creepy Professor threatening Emma Woods over the phone when she refused to go along with his delusional script for her life brought back an explicit (by which I mean detailed, not X-rated) memory of being threatened by my former dissertation advisor when I called him up to explain why I wanted another one of my committee members to serve as chair instead of him. I remembered the trepidation I felt as I got ready to make a call I really did not want to have to make; I remembered his lengthy silence after I said my piece; I recalled the venomous tone in which he finally spoke. He had a low, rumbling voice and did venomous quite well.
An excellent piece, well written and very personal.

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