Saturday, December 27, 2014

Will This NYE Bring Another UFO?

Last New Year's I saw a UFO. It was very odd. While odd, that doesn't mean it was that odd, in term of glowing eyed entities,landed flying saucers, intrusive
exams and missing time. (That, by the way, some of what I have experienced.)

The thing I saw last year morphed and moved very very fast and all the rest of the usual unusual flying object stuff, but I think this particular flying machine was one of ours. Drone (many a news item on drones in the area at the time) or military, anyway, some sort of man made craft.  Intentionally set off to do its thing right at stroke of midnight on NYE above the city skies, when all kinds of noise and lights and fireworks are happening.

So will I see something this New Year's? I can only hope!


Lisa Frideborg said...

Would be fab! I've never seen any UFO's... Either way, Happy 2015! :)

Regan Lee said...

Thank you Lisa, same to you!