Monday, March 23, 2015

New Report From Vallee, and a Note About Bigelow

  • collecting, including a history of such and the various international agencies involved, from Jacque Vallee. And this tidbit concerning Robert Bigelow's UFO -- or, if one prefers, UAP -- data collecting. (Italics mine.)
     In the United States the National Institute for Discovery Science (“NIDS”) and the Bigelow Aerospace Corporation have initiated a series of special catalogues to safeguard their own reports from public sources and from their staff. The author was tasked with the development of a data warehouse consisting of 11 separate data bases to support this research. The project is known as “Capella”. (Vallee)

    Excellent questions presented in the report as to the nature of UFOs/UAPs. And a well taken point; that disclosure -- if such a thing were to happen, let's pretend for argument's sake that it would --  dozens of questions would remain unanswered. I'd add that any answers "they" might give us would still be suspect; why should we believe "them" at face value? Any answered questions in the presence of such an immense revelation would only create more questions.


Terry the Censor said...

Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos has written a short commentary on the Vallée paper.

Regan Lee said...

thanks Terry I'll take a look.