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Pre-Orb: The Light in the Garage

The name of this blog is The Orange Orb, referencing the orange orb I saw decades ago in Eugene. That episode included missing time. I’ve written many times that I’ve always considered this sighting as the “main” one in my life, the one that was the inspiration for my since then quest to find out what I could about UFOs. Along the way of course, I tripped and fell down the rabbit hole, where I am still tumbling and bumping into all manner of realms mysterious and evocative that have grabbed me, insisting I follow.

Of course, I’ve had a life long experience with paranormal and supernatural events, including UFOs. But before the Orb sighting, there was the garage episode. In both events, my husband was present and witness (fellow experiencer?)  I think this is not a coincidence; that we were together for both events, both of which included missing time.

When Jim and I (Jim being my then boyfriend, now my spouse) were living in L.A., we hung out at Barney’s Beanery a few times a week. We’d walk from his apartment to Barney’s and back home.  Usually a twenty-five minute walk if we walked fast, but usually about thirty, forty minutes at the most.

One night, we walked home to his apartment on Curson as usual. When we entered the apartment, we saw that the clock on the desk read 4:00 a.m. Which was a good two hours and more after we left Barney’s.  The other clocks read the same; it wasn’t a matter of a broken clock. We both felt strangely energized, giddy. We looked at each other, said “That’s really weird! Oh well, let’s go to bed.” And that was that.

We woke up the next day, and went out into the living room. I thought it odd that everyone in the family was also up and dressed and sitting around, including some friends who were visiting.  Jim’s mother said “There you are! I didn’t
think you two were home, you’ve been so quiet in there!” Turns out it was four o’clock in the afternoon. Jim and I had slept for twelve hours. Neither one of us remembers waking up during the night -- or any time --  not to use the bathroom, nothing. 

The Garage
The night before, when we experienced missing time, we noticed a light from an open parking structure at an apartment house down a street we didn’t usually walk on to get to his apartment. Nothing unusual in that sight at all. Dozens of similar, covered parking places in apartment buildings all over the place. But for some reason, this one caught our attention. It looked very odd to us; Jim asked me “What is that?” and we walked towards it. I remember the typical parking structure, lighted, and a ramp type walkway leading down to the left. There was another light coming from the end of this ramp. A little brighter and more yellow than the lighting in the garage. I remember we began to walk towards the light . . . 

That’s all we remember. Next thing we know, it’s four a.m. and we’re standing in his apartment wondering how it could possibly have gotten so late so fast. 

Context is important in cases of the weird. While I’d always been interested in  all things Fortean, anomalous and strange, I hadn’t done any in depth reading on those topics at the time of this event.  As to UFOs, this was before Communion, before movies like Close Encounters or ET, before TV shows of aliens, abductions and flying saucers. I knew of the Barney and Betty HIll case, and that was about it. I accepted that UFOs existed, but hadn’t gone much further in thinking about the subject. 

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the Garage.)

The Geisha Alien
During those months living on Curson, where Jim and I had our strange missing time and light-in-the-garage experience, I had several dreams involving UFOs and aliens. One dream in particular, that I’ve written about on-line in the past,  is what I call the Geisha Woman dream. This dream stands out as a startling cousin to the missing time light in the garage experience.

I’m inside a glass domed shaped flying craft. We are out in outer space. I see the black sky and white stars through the glass. It’s cold here. I’m sitting cross-legged on the white tiled floor. Across a small low table is a large white woman with a big black wig on her head, styled like a Geisha would wear her hair. She is so tall! She looks human, but also, not. Very thin and strange dark, large eyes. 

I am so angry!! So very damn angry! She is so cold, lacking any empathy or emotion. We communicate telepathically. She is in control. In charge. I demand that she let me see Jim, who I know is somewhere on this ship. But she tells me I cannot see him. There is nothing I can do or say. Nothing. She is absolutely cold, detached. Part of my intense frustration is that, as desperately as I want to see Jim, to know that he is all right, and that we can get the hell out of here, I can’t move. This strange, chalky, tall being with the huge black wig is somehow keeping me stuck to my seat.

I remember waking up and just being very rattled. To this day I remember this dream in vivid detail. 

While this event differs in many ways from the orange orb sighting a couple of years later, there are similarities. Jim and I were together both times. Missing time was experienced in both events. And intense gut pulling dreams of being paralyzed, stuck, and demanding to be let go, to see if Jim was all right were present in both. The  *"aliens"
 were also disguised, as in the garage/Geisha Alien dream, and invisible, as with the orange orb sighting/dream. (In the latter, I was paralyzed in a beam of light, aware of a huge saucer type thing above me, and “alien” presences inside -- unseen but felt, without a doubt.

* I call them "aliens" but whether or not they are aliens from outer space, or something else, I have no idea. Elementals, Djinn, earth bound spirits or entities, angels, fairies…there is an abundance of non-human energies to choose from. One thing is sure; they are real, non-human, intelligent.

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