Monday, June 29, 2015

Hangar 1 and Witness Harry Joe Turner

The recent episode of Hangar 1, which features MUFON case files, included the unnerving encounters of Harry Joe Turner. You can read about Turner's UFO experiences in the following article on UFO Digest by Sean Casteel:

Latest UFO News | UFO News Today | Recent UFO News | UFOs: One such incident from Beckley’s huge collection of clippings took place in Virginia and was reported by “The Richmond Virginia Times-Dispatch” in September of 1979. A truck driver named Harry Joe Turner claimed to have had a UFO encounter that left him unable to work and seeking psychiatric and neurological help. He had only partial use of the left side of his body after the incident.

“Ever since it all began,” Turner said, “I’ve just been sitting here going over and over it in my mind, trying to piece things back together. I’d feel pretty good if I could just figure out where I’ve been.” (Sean Casteel, UFO Digest)
My post here is not about Turner's case, but about the treatment of witnesses from researchers. In general, MUFON's Hangar 1 annoys me because one rarely, if ever (I don't recall one episode) has the witness talk about her or his sighting. Specifically, this particular episode bothered me for what the MUFON talking heads concluded regarding this case.

Turner's encounters have haunted him. Like many who've experienced missing time and other confusing and strange events in context of UFOs, the aftermath of such encounters are often intense and negative.

And yet, MUFON ends with inane Space Brother stuff about the wonders of alien technology, aliens,  and "alien superpowers." Superpowers? Postively glowing at the wonder of it all, the MUFON representatives on the show talked about the alien's technological supremacy which equals, to MUFON, a good thing for us.

It's obvious aliens have advanced technology -- including inter-dimensional, astral realm consciousness abilities  -- but that doesn't make them nice guys, nor spiritually superior. Meanwhile, Turner suffers, yet what he's going through is treated in a blithe manner in this episode. MUFON chooses to focus on the "superpowers" of UFOs and aliens instead.

I have no doubt aliens exist. Where they come from, who knows. Assuming there are more than one race of alien, they probably come from all over the place: inner earth, parallel dimensions, other planets… all of it could be true. But the more I explore the realm of UFOs, the less I buy into loving space entities here to gently guide us into higher levels of good vibrations. They're simply using us for their own ends.

Another aspect of this episode was the lack of mention of government involvement. Turner's experiences could have been staged by shadow government ops -- MILABS -- either in partnership with actual aliens, or simply on their own using the UFO/alien theme to make us think aliens are afoot. If that is true -- government creating some of these encounters -- that doesn't negate literal aliens.

What's important here isn't whether or not government was responsible for Turner's experience, but that MUFON's attitude, via their program Hangar 1, seemed to use Turner's experience to bolster their own agenda of super powered aliens.


Brianna said...

I too saw this episode. What rattled my interest the most was when the guy talking said something like "the story of Harry Turner ended sadly" blah blah blah. ... what was he talking about? why did they go into so much detail about Harry's experience but leave us dangling with this comment? Did Harry commit suicide or something? What is the rest of the story that they didn't tell us??? Where is Harry, and his wife, now? was he ever able to regain the ability to look at her normally instead of with xray vision?

Winston Rumfoord said...

why is there so little information on Harry Turner? Usually when someone goes public with a claim like this their personal life and past is made very public and there is a lot of information and people trying to prove fake or real....especially when the case is 30 years old. Usually a few minutes of searching will find you all sorts of articles but with Harry Turner there is nothing......I find that strange in itself

TekZ said...

I found this story..Google has a cache version. It was originally on PDF. It seems the show and MUFON took a lot of license with this one..From something called the A.P.R.O. Bulletin December 1979

|I cannot post it here, the character count is too low and the article is long.

The PDF was here:

But search for that pdf and choose CACHED instead of clicking the link..Hope this helps.