Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Schools and Creative Thinking Exercises: Another Fake UFO Crash

From England, where they really love to stage these fake UFO crashes, complete with injured or missing aliens, the most recent:
UFO crash lands at Semley School | Blackmore Vale Magazine: Pupils at Semley CEVA Primary School, Wiltshire, returned after their half-term break to find there was a flurry of excitement in the playground on Monday morning. Staff dressed in florescent jackets ushered children into the hall and declared a state of emergency… a space rocket had crash-landed on the school playing field! 
The reason given for these scenarios is to encourage creative writing and thinking in children. Well, at least it wasn't the fake WWIII scenario, or the murdered-in-front-of-students scenario.

These staged events are not specific to England however. There have been fake drills involving not just UFOs and aliens as well as the above mentioned WWIII and murder scenarios but staged shooter invasions, fatal accidents and other violent and frightening scenes. There have been aimless hours long bus rides without explanation to students. In Scotland, there was a fake "the state is coming to take you away, deciding you're not worthy." (At least in that one, one student refused to follow these orders.) In many of these cases parents are not notified that these lock downs, drills and staged scenes would take place. Sometimes much of the staff didn't know either; they were as surprised as anyone.

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