Thursday, June 11, 2015

Synchronicity: Golden Light and Picture Post Cards

Two synchronicities today.

Last night, or early this morning, I had a strange experience. A brilliant, beautiful and intense golden light filled up in my head. I was awake, not dreaming or asleep. Just waking up… this light was sort of like those so-called "head explosions" but different in many ways as well. The color, for one ("head explosions are white, in my experience) and there wasn't any sound. And the emotion that accompanied this golden light -- incredible! Just profound. I knew it was important, and special. Why it was, I don't know, simply that it was. As the light was beginning to fade away, I very distinctly heard my name being called. I had the impression the spirit or entity (angel?) was both male and female, or, also, that the energy or entity was more than one single being.

This afternoon someone shared with me their experience of a sighting. I won't write about it without permission, but this person did say that part of the encounter included a golden light, and that the experience had deeply affected them.

Later this evening, I was reading Jim my post on the 7 Foot Eagle "mind post card." (see post below.) As soon as I said "mind post card" Jim interrupted me and showed me what he had just written a minute before. (He had been writing when I asked him if he could listen to my reading the post. He said "In a sec, I just want to finish this sentence.") The sentence: "… she rented a villa above a picture post card isle."

Active lately; synchronicity, dreams, visions. I have put out the intent of intentionally recalling encounters; it's possible the call has been heard and answered. Or, just more weird for its own sake. I think on some level it's as simple as the latter, even while equally and concurrently profound on another.

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